Mr Neil S Tolley MD, FRCS, DLO Consultant ENT - Head & Neck Surgeon

My fees are within standard guidelines accepted by all medical insurers. A new consultation is £195 and Follow-up £110. Further fees are charged for special tests and examinations.

For out-patient procedures involving the use of special diagnostic equipment, e.g. fibreoptic laryngoscopy and sinus endoscopy you will receive two bills, one from the hospital and a further bill from myself, between £35 to £235 depending on the procedure.

Surgical operations are subject to separate fees according to BUPA / your own medical insurance company guidelines.

Please remember you will also have hospital charges, Anaesthetist's fees, and fees for any investigations, pathology, X-rays, drugs etc. I can supply written quotations on request for my own fees only. 

Patients who are self-pay will be expected to settle bills on the day of consultation.

You will normally receive my invoice by post a few days after your consultation.

Please remember that payment is your personal responsibility, although many insurance companies will settle the account directly on your behalf.

A signed insurance claim form, or confirmation of pre-authorisation, is essential for direct settlement.

If you didn't give me the form at consultation, please send it to my secretary at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth without delay.

Receipts can be issued upon request. Other bills from hospitals, Anaesthetists, Radiologists etc. may arrive before or after mine. If your claim is in progress, send them to your insurance company quoting your policy number.

Medical Insurance

You will normally need a claim form. Don't worry if you can't answer all the questions, but please make sure you sign it.

If it is a company scheme, please make sure the company authorising officer has signed it.  Other sections are completed either by myself or your General Practitioner, sometimes both.

If your insurer gives telephone pre-authorisation, please bring your letter of confirmation or claim reference number.

Please check the following:

  • Does your policy cover Out-Patient consultations, tests and radiology?
  • Do any exclusions or financial limits apply?
  • Will you have to pay an excess?
  • Fixed Price Scheme

    For non-insured patients, this offers an all-in charge, fixed in advance, for in-patient and day-case operations in the private hospitals.

    Hospital charges, Surgeon's fees and Anaesthetist's fees are included.

    In the unlikely event that complications result in your stay being longer than anticipated, you will not be charged extra.

    Please ask my secretary to arrange a quotation.
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